VMC Satellite

Free satellite TV installation. You don’t have to buy a dish, receiver or other equipment. Digital television picture and sound. Hundreds of channels. Cheaper than cable!

Note: Joseph’s tips on how to succeed with this program are well worth reading!

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Payments: $50 for every free satellite dish system installation plus $15 for each installation referred by your sub affiliates AND $10 for each installation referred by their sub affiliates. Yes – this is a three tier program!

How to Join: Click Here.

Other Information: This program was recommended by Joseph Quinn who claims to be making around $100/day with it. Here’s what he had to say:

I’m averaging 3 to 4 sales/day and have had several subaffiliate sales. My average bid on pay-per-click search engines is just over $.20, and my sign up rate is currently 0.9%. This equates to a cost of just over $20 for each $50 sale. I’ve also just recently began recruiting subaffiliates, using the methods outlined by the VMC affiliate suggestions.

Two of the things I like about VMC is they will send you (and your subaffiliates) daily emails giving you suggestions on how to recruit subaffiliates and on how to promote your own sales, and the high pay rate of $50/sale to offer something free to people who alrealy are seeking out satellite service seems to get a high response. I highly suggest following their suggestions on opt-in email programs (I’ve recruited 10 affiliates in the last week).

I’ve been working with pay per click engines for a while now, and if I may make a suggestion, I have a lot more success when I write the ads for people that are very interested instead of just trying to get a high click-thru rate, and then using large lists of keywords (sometimes including mispellings) to get more exposure. On some products I’m careful to put the price in the ad etc. to drive away ‘lookyloos’ that are just looking for info. It’s no good paying for clicks from people who don’t want to buy. My click through rate for the ads for the program is around 1.5%.

Joseph Quinn