Condos For Sale: Naples Florida: Short Sale

Condos can be an attractive place to live. You get some of the amenities that come with an apartment; yet, you aren’t constricted to the property. If I were going to pick a place to live that’s close to the beach, I’d choose a condo. Mostly because they are on a firmer foundation. It’s less likely they’ll blow away in a hurricane than a beach home.

Condo Prices

The condos that sell in a short sale tend to be priced a little bit more moderate than ones that take longer to sell. Some are even going for as little as 15% below their market value. Getting rid of those lots is easy if you want to sell it for a cheap rate. If you’re not willing to do that it may take you a little longer to get the property off your hands.


A shared pool, or in some cases each condo has their pool, greatly increases the value of the property. Especially since people often buy condos as their vacation home. A pool is going to increase the value of a condo that is in a warmer climate versus a cooler one. They sell faster when the buyer can use the amenity for longer.


If you’re looking to do some investing, you could try buying a condo and redoing its interior. Maybe your condo has a broken appliance or two? It’ll sell for a higher price on the market if this is fixed. Decorative renovations are also significant. It’s probably time to paint that cool on the water condo with Miami beach colors.

Where Can I Find Or List Condos?

The first step in knowing how to find or list your condo is knowing where to go. Zillow is a good site for finding condo listings. You can also place your listing if you are looking to sell a condo. This site is especially good for strategy. You can see what the other condos in your area are selling for.

How Many Condos Are In Florida?

There are thousands of condos in Florida. Most of them are in coastal cities like Miami. The condo market in Florida has a value that reaches into the billions. Maybe it’s time for you to get in on this market?

How Can I Benefit From A Short Sale?

Short sales put the residence or money in your wallet faster. If you are selling a property, you’ll get the profits faster. That’s because the property will be sold at an accelerated speed. If you’re the customer, you will get your home more quickly. The buyer is looking to get rid of it quicker and for a cheaper rate.

Is It Time To Look At Condos In Florida?

Looking to make a profit? Or, are you just looking for that new vacation home? Whatever you’re looking for, you can find a decent property in Naples Florida and get it fast. What could be better than that? Enjoy your new home.