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If you have read, understood and implemented the contents of these essays, and yet are still not making any money. The most likely reason that I can think of is that you are not getting enough people looking at your web pages. Once you have your site set up and optimised fairly well, it all becomes a numbers game. The more visitors you can attract, the more money you will earn. If those visitors have an interest in your site and the programs that you are promoting, then this also helps. I’ve assumed that you know by now what your visitors are looking for, and are catering for their needs.

How to Attract Visitors

The most common ways that a person reaches a web site, is either by clicking a link on another site, or by using a search engine. People will only link to your site if it is worth linking to, so remember to keep improving your site as well as promoting it. It is best to have your site optimized by Naples FL search engine optimization.

Increasing the traffic flow to a web site is a gradual process. The only instant way of achieving huge success that I have found, is to pay for it. Starting your own affiliate or pay-per-click program is the most effective way to do this, and best of all – it’s completely risk free! Buying advertising space, and running adverts in the media will also bring in traffic, but it costs a lot more money.

Having more time is a bonus, as you can then increase your visitor count for free! The most sensible thing to aim at is to increase the number of visitors to your site by five to ten percent each month. Using this approach you can easily double your traffic in less that a year. Of course, this does assume that you are receiving a healthy number of visitors already (more than 500 each month). If 500 per month seems a lot, then you should aim at increasing by at least 20% each month until you reach that number. If you can go from less than 50 per month to more than 500 in less than three months, then you should be very proud of your success. It may be a while before you are receiving a regular pay cheque, but you will be well on your way.

The expression “content is king” is one of the most over used yet true expressions of our time. Keep improving your web site, and visitors will keep coming back. As well as increasing the number of visitors to your site each month, try to improve your site as well. Visitor count and content quality should increase each other. If you get more visitors, then you get more feedback and suggestions. If you improve quality and add new content, then word will spread that you have a good site.

Instant Traffic

For those starting out, or those who are reaching the end of the month and do not think that they will make their quota, here are some suggestions for ‘instant traffic’:

Clicks4U is a confusing program, but it works. The service has been a little shaky recently, so I suggest that you join using a sub page of your site. Link to this page from your main page, and write a short paragraph explaining the link in the same way that you would if you were using an associate program. This program is a ‘click through exchange’. Whenever someone clicks your link, you will receive several new visitors in return! When you have joined, visit the site from your own link, and within a few days, you should get a few extra visitors to your site. There is an option to display links to other people’s sites, and I like this one best! Surfers are always eager to visit the sites, and for each site that is visited, your site will receive several visitors in exchange.

Signing guest books should be a habit that you get into whenever you visit a new site. Not only do the webmasters appreciate a little feedback from you, but they will usually allow you to include your web site address so that their visitors can also visit your site. At the very least, the owner of the guest book that you sign will usually visit your site, just out of curiosity about his or her visitors.

Participate in a newsgroup or message board discussion, and put your web site address at the bottom of any messages that you post (see below). If you respond to several other messages, always writing something useful, then lots of people will read what you have written. They will also see your web site address, and may visit your site. The most effective posts will be about issues relating to your own web site.

—— Example ——-
newsgroup message….


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Participating in these discussions can sometimes generate several visitors for every message that you post, but other times none at all. It all depends on your site, and the discussion that you are participating in. If you post several messages each week, then after a few weeks, you should be getting a steady stream of visitor to your site from these posts.

Longer term investments, usually starting to pay off the following month and then increasing the month after:

Make your site more search engine friendly. Download the free version of WebPosition Gold for help with this.

Specialist web site directories will bring in a variable amount of traffic, varying from none to lots. Why not aim to submit your site to a new directory each month? For those who do not know, a directory lists lots of web sites, usually in categories. These listings are browsed by anyone who is looking for a particular sort of site. They differ from search engines because you can browse as well as search. Why not try to get listed on a new search engine every month as well? There are thousands to choose from.

Yahoo is the most visited directory, but getting listed is very difficult. Keep trying, and if you succeed, then you will see the benefits! Click here for a list of some more top web directories.

Learning More Tricks

Promoting your web site is a life long occupation. Subscribing to some of the free promotion newsletters will help to keep your efforts fresh and enthusiastic. Each issue will have more hints and tips, and after reading a few months worth, you should have become quite an expert. I suggest that you start with IMC (below), and then join a few more if you like this one. They are easy to find, just surf the net a little.

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Discalimer: These pages contain only hints, tips and suggestions that I hope you will find useful. I give no guarentee that any of them will work for you, and will not be liable for the consequences of following the advice on this site. Do so at your own risk!