Pay-per-Click Programs Selection and Use

Hopefully you have already read the list of characteristics to look out for when selecting an associate or affiliate program. These were specifically for pay-per-sale programs, but I will refer to that page from this one. For that reason, please read them before reading this page.

Pay-per-click programs offer a more guaranteed income in general. If you have a steady flow of visitors to your site, you will get a fairly steady click through conversion, and therefore a predictable income. But there are disadvantages as well. The most obvious is that your income will usually be less than with a pay-per-sale program. This is all a question of the program hosts having to be sure that they cover their costs. A pay-per-sale program has little or no risk for the company involved, as they only pay their associates and affiliates when a sale is made. But for those operating a pay-per-click program, there is the possibility that they will have to pay for thousands of clicks, and make no sales at all. For this reason, pay-per-click is usually less generous. Let’s not forget that there is more to life than a simple cash equation – there are other considerations to help you make your decisions.

One of the most important issues to think about when considering a pay-per-click program, is the risk of a cheating accusation. Cheating with a pay-per-click program is usually considered to be artificially creating a click through, but this can be done in such a variety of ways that catching cheats is very difficult. Hence, companies usually reserve the right to act purely on suspicion, and with no justification necessary. If you are an honest person, and think that this has no bearing on you because you will not cheat, then you are wrong. It is not unusual for honest people to be suspected of cheating, and be expelled from a program without getting the money that they earned. This is the reason that I generally avoid pay-per-click programs, using them only when a good pay-per-sale program is unavailable. Suspicion of cheating is probably the most common reason why affiliates do not get the money they have earned. If you read the terms and conditions, there will almost certainly be a warning about cheating and a threat of expulsion from the program, without being paid.

Another reason to choose a pay-per-click option, is if you are unconvinced of a sites ability to convert visitors into sales. As explained on the general selection characteristics page, it is vital with a pay-per-sale program, that the site you send visitors to will be able to complete the sale. If you think that the site will not generate sales, then a pay-per-click option will still allow you to profit by linking to their site. Remember however that if a site pays for visitors and yet makes no sales, then it is losing money. Do not expect a relationship like this to last for very long!

As discussed on the linking methods page, tricking a visitor into clicking a link is an excellent way to pass a lot of traffic to a site, but not necessarily the best way to make sales. If you can find a pay-per-click program which does not consider a ‘trick through’ to be cheating, then you could use this tactic to your advantage.

Discalimer: These pages contain only hints, tips and suggestions that I hope you will find useful. I give no guarentee that any of them will work for you, and will not be liable for the consequences of following the advice on this site. Do so at your own risk!