Niche Site Confessions Revealed, by Codrut Turcanu

Hot on the heels of Super Affiliates Confessions, this book is packed with more top quality real life success stories. And yes, you will see some example sites! This is almost too good to be true but I guess that’s what you are paying for.

The overall message of the book is simply that making a lot of money with niche web sites can be done and there are some great tools and techniques to help you do it.

Three people are interviewed: John Gibb from the UK, Dan Ho from the USA, and Phil Wiley from Australia. Phil Wiley is very famous, and something of a guru on this topic so his tips are well worth listening to. You may not have heard of the other two but that’s a good thing. They are the sort of people you meet every day, so if they can do this, then you can as well.

John Gibb’s two month step-by-step guide to passive income will be enough to help a lot of people follow in the foot steps of these entrepreneurs. Those who require a little more help should check out SiteBuildIt, which is what interviewee Dan uses himself: “I don’t have any step by step plans. I just followed the SBI Action Guide, and came up with a few of my own twists (already discussed above) and that worked.”

It’s interesting to see SBI (SiteBuildIt) being talked about so regularly in this book. The Action Guide that comes with SBI seems to be the key. It’s step-by-step approach to building a niche web site makes success a lot more likely. Some would go as far as to say it makes success almost inevitable!

Good for newbies? Yes. There is an emphasis on SBI, and some step-by-step guides that are clear and should be easy to follow.

Good for experienced users? Yes again! I’ve been doing this for years but still managed to picked up lots of great tips.

Niche Site Confessions Revealed

Codrut has an amazing talent for asking questions. The information he gets out of people is top quality and incredibly useful.

Most importantly, this is all real life and it’s truly inspirational. My head was buzzing with ideas for days. If this kind of motivation doesn’t get you working on something productive then I don’t know what will.