What is a Multi-Tier Associate Program?

This site is completely dedicated to providing easy access to all the best multi-tier associates programs available for use by web masters and hobbyists alike. You will find up to date details about every multi-tier associates program listed, but what is a multi-tier associates program anyway?

Multi-tier associates programs are by far the best way to get some extra income from your web site. They operate in much the same way as normal associates programs, but with one difference. When someone else joins a multi-tier program through a link on your site, you will get a share of the money that they earn. This is of course on top of the commission you earn when a sale is made through your link.

I like to imagine it like this:

When you place a link for an associate program on your web site, that site becomes a virtual sales person. When a sales person makes a sale, they get a commission, and that’s exactly what happens when a sale is made through your link. With multi-tier programs, you also have a basic income, which is the money you get when those who joined through your link make sales. Now comes the exciting bit! Every time someone else joins through your link, you get a rise in basic pay. Just imagine that! You can try to sell the associates program to others, and for every sale you make, you get a raise. It could be a big raise, or a small raise – it just depends on the success of the person you sign up. I’m sure you will agree that this is an exciting prospect!

Forget selling banner space! Don’t bother with any regular associates programs. It’s time to join the exciting and unpredictable world of the multi-tier associates program!