Why Multi-Level is Not a Con

Why people are suspicious

It’s inevitable, given the dubious history of MLM (multi-level marketing) scams, that many people are weary of anything which has more than one tier. It is important to realise however that not everything with the words “multi-level” or “multi-tier” in the name, are to be disregarded.

How to detect a scam

The best way to tell a scam from something genuine, is to see if there is a real product or service being sold, which generates the income. If income is generated by recruiting others to the scheme rather than by selling a product or service, then beware! If you read the terms for submission of new programs to the Multi-Tier Associates Programs site, then you will be relieved to see that no scams can get through.

Why multi-tier associate and affiliate programs are not a con.

Let me explain why the multi-tier associate program was born:

The whole point of an associate or affiliate program, is to pass the promotion of a product or service to a team that is not employed by the company itself. The company can then put all it’s effort into product development, processing and dispatching orders, and the huge number of other tasks required when running a business. Their aim is to increase sales, without having to put in a constant promotional effort in order to achieve those sales.

But there is a problem with the old fashioned single tiered model! In order to recruit the team who will do the promotion for them, they have to promote their own associate program. They have not achieved their aim, because they are promoting something instead of their product, and they wanted to avoid doing any promotion themselves. This is where the second and subsequent tiers come in. They are an associate program, selling the associate program. The company has removed the need to promote their associate program in the same way that it removed the need to promote it’s products.

A multi-tiered associate program, is two associate programs in one. One for the product, and one for the associate program itself. Both created for a legitimate purpose, and both useful to the company and it’s associates or affiliates.

It is of course possible to disguise a scam to look like a legitimate multi-tier associate program. But as long as all the programs you use are free to join, then you have nothing to lose by trying them. You will easily be able to tell that the program is real when the first pay cheque arrives! If in doubt, stick with the programs in the Multi-Tier Associate Programs directory.

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