Merchant Accounts

Finding the Best Merchant Accounts for Credit Card Processing

One of the greatest advantages of affiliate marketing is that you do not have to worry about expensive things like merchant accounts. If you are only interested in earning money through affiliate programs then you don’t have to read this page, everyone else can read on…

…If you want to sell your own products and services, then you will need some way of receiving payment from your customers. The most popular way of doing this is by credit card, and this usually means getting a merchant account. In short, a merchant account enables you to accept payments by credit card. This has many advantages, the main one being convenience for your customers – the easier you make it for them to give you money the better!

The down-side is the cost. Fee structures vary enormously. Some have large startup costs and low transaction fees, others have very few costs except for transaction fees. The first thing to think about is how many transactions you are likely to be making, as this will determine to a large extent what style of account is best for you. Then it’s time to shop around. There are a whole host of extras that you may find yourself paying with some companies that are included as standard with others. A few hours browsing the web sites of a variety of providers could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Merchant Account Providers – Start your search by browsing some of the options on this page.
  • Basic Advice – make sure you are fully prepared.
  • Accepting Credit Cards Without a Merchant Account – it can be done! Find out how.