Link Vault Review

When I was first invited to join Link Vault I didn’t know much about it. Just enough to persuade me to visit the website and have a look. I left after a minute though, completely unimpressed, but for some reason my brain wouldn’t stop thinking about it. Later in the day I returned, read some more, then left again. It wasn’t until my third visit that I decided to try it, and I’m really glad I did!

This tool has totally revolutionized the way I promote my web sites!

Let me explain a little more, then maybe you’ll want to try it yourself.

Link Vault is a very advanced and totally unique way of trading links. Here’s a few of the reasons it’s so special:

    • Rather than linking to other sites from a single page or small collection of pages, you put a few relevant links on each page of your site. This is much better from a search engine point of view where context is important and poor quality links pages are often ignored or considered less important.
    • It’s fully automatic. All you have to do is put a bit of code into your pages and relevant links will be added automatically. This saves a huge amount of time.
    • It’s completely fair. Each link is examined and assigned a vaultage value. A link on an established and popular site with high pagerank is worth more than one on a new site that doesn’t get many visitors. As you earn vaultage by linking to other sites, you can spend vaultage to promote your own site.
    • It’s search engine friendly. In fact, many of the best search engine specialists can be found on the discussion forum steering the evolution of this powerful tool.
  • It’s fully customizable:
    • Don’t want to link to a particular site? You don’t have to.
    • You decide how links should look on your site; font, color, size, location. It’s all up to you.
    • Don’t want to put links on every page? You choose which pages. You’re the boss.
    • Want others to link to a particular page of your site using your chosen keywords? The flexibility here is one of Link Vaults greatest strengths.

That should be enough to wet your appetite. There’s more information available for the overly curious but the try-it-and-see method is a lot quicker. There’s no obligation and it’s completely free so nothing’s stopping you. Make sure you don’t miss out.