Super Affiliates Confessions, by Codrut Turcanu

Simply, this is an ebook telling the story of twelve successful super affiliates, and how they got from their first sale to the present day. But it’s not just another book to put on the pile and read a few chapters of every now and again. NO WAY!

I was sent a copy of this ebook for review and reacted in a way that’s never happened before.

At last, I’ve found it!

A one-stop resource that can turn pretty much ANYONE into a highly successful affiliate!

Please don’t be put off by my enthusiasm. This sort of hype is not something that you usually see from me, but on this occasion I can’t help but be excited.

After reading the whole book in one sitting, here’s what I wrote back to Codrut (you can also see it on the testimonial page of his site):

Nice work Codrut!

Seeing the road to success from day one really shatters the myth that super affiliates are super human.

Many people will relate to the early experiences, and seeing how your interviewees moved on to greater success will help others follow in their tracks.

The real gems are the snippets of wisdom that come up again and again. When you see them repeated back-to-back by several highly successful people, you HAVE to pay attention! By the end of this book the reader can have no doubt about which techniques work, and which are a complete waste of time.

I can’t help wondering how much time and effort would be saved if everyone with an interest in affiliate marketing read these stories before getting started.

I should say at this point that this is not just a book for beginners. It has a unique quality of moving people onto the next level of success. However much experience you have, you will probably be able to relate to some of the stories, which makes it easier to see what your next step should be.

Many important truths are expressed with great clarity by people who really know the importance of what they are saying. More amazingly than that, some of them show you their sites. The is incredible! You can see first hand EXACTLY how these people make their money.

No theories, just tried and tested truths. This is real people, real stories, real life, and a real opportunity to learn some valuable lessons. There are also lessons from SEO Naples company.

Some will have seen a lot of this before, but with case studies like these you are certain to find something new.