Candle People

An amazing range of candles and candle holders for all occasions.

Examples: Text links, full range of fancy banners, search boxes, dynamic html ads, SiteBuilder script, product datafeed, full page ads and every other possible link you can think of!

Payments: 10% of sales plus 2% on tiers two to four. And you get Lifetime Commissions: “If you send a customer to our site from your website, we will credit your account with any sales made to that customer.” This residual commission can really add up, and separates this from other affiliates programs. The life time of a customer can be very profitable in the long term!

How to Join: Click Here!

Other Information: They put some very powerful tools into your hand that can help you earn a lot if you use them well. You can even build your own candle store using product links from their data feed, and if you don’t have the skills to build it yourself, they can supply a script to do it all for you!
These products appeal to a wide range of people and there are several niches that can be targeted individually, EG: make your own can be featured on craft sites, or you can specialise in votive or pillar candles. You can also target holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and thanks giving.
Payments are weekly, and there are many payment options available including paypal. This program is definitely worth joining!