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The following articles about associates and affiliates programs were all written by me, Alastair Soles of I hope that you will find the information that they contain useful, as you strive to maximise the profits of your web site.Every hint, tip, tactic and piece of advice provided is to be adapted for your own use. I present these essays as the result of my own experiences, and as such they represent nothing more than personal opinions. Don’t be discouraged by that, after reading some of these essays, you may decide that my opinion is worth something!

Update: To accompany these pages I have now made available an astounding ebook that covers every step of the affiliate marketing process.

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Both the internet and its users are still evolving at an incredible rate. For that reason these essays will have to evolve likewise. If you have any comments of suggestions about how any essay should be changed and updated, please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know your suggestion. You may also contact me with hints of your own, or with new program suggestions.


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