Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder

The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder was written to help you design a succesful, custom-tailored Affiliate Marketing Strategy for your business. It will show you the decisions you need to make and steps you have to take to run a successful, effective Affiliate Program. The book covers:

  • Affiliate Marketing industry
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • Choosing your Affiliate Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Choosing a tracking and management solution
  • Setting your commission rates
  • Creating Affiliate Materials
  • Creating linking methods and entry pages
  • Communicating with your Affiliates
  • Motivating your Affiliates
  • Launching your Affiliate Program
  • Promoting your Affiliate Program
  • Selecting an Affiliate Manager
  • Assessing your progres

A Letter from the Author:

Each and every day, our office receives phone calls and emails from people who say, “I want to start an Affiliate Program, but I don’t know where to begin. How will I find Affiliates? Where will my Affiliates signup? How much of my time will it take to run the program? What actions can I pay on? How much should I pay?..” and the list goes on.

Like you, many merchants have heard about Affiliate Programs, they’ve researched them and they know that an Affiliate Program could benefit their business – but they don’t know where to start in implementing an Affiliate Program for their websites. So we decided to write “The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder” to answer all of your questions about starting an Affiliate Program.

“The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder” contains chapter after chapter of instructions, tips and advice designed to help you develop your own plan for starting and running a successful, powerful Affiliate Program. Unlike other books that offer information about the industry and examples of how other companies are using Affiliate Marketing – “The Affiliate Plan Builder” is a no-hype instruction guide that focuses on you and shows you how to build a plan for your own Affiliate Program.

After you finish reading “The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder” you’ll have determined the reasons you are starting an Affiliate Program, the goals you plan to reach and the steps you need to take to make your goals a reality.

I hope you enjoy the book!

Rachel Honoway
Director of Marketing
KowaBunga! Technologies

What others are saying about “The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder”

“At last, a well written, informative, easy to read, no nonsense manual all about affiliate marketing from the experts! Rachel gently guides you through the jungle of terminology and cuts straight through to the points that matter. Excellent manual for those even considering affiliate marketing! Well done!”

David Frieslander
International author of 7PIMs the number one best seller on Internet Marketing in the UK

“Get this book! The section on getting more hits and sign-ups is alone worth the price.”

Kevin Nunley

Ordering Information

The Affiliate Marketing Plan Builder is available now for only $24.

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